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Update #1 - 15/11/2013

In this first update, I would just like to firstly welcome CommodusNox and Vlad The Implier to the wiki and the OPERATION: Revive project.

Right, now down to business. This is going to be quite a short update but I would just like to say that we need to start making pages based on the lore of the Borderlands franchise. I know that this has already been started, but more things need to be added such as:

  • Canon Characters (e.g Axton, Lilith, Moxxi etc.)
  • Locations (e.g. Sanctuary, New Haven etc.)
  • Weapons (This one will take a long time, but it can be achieved.)
  • Weapons Manufacturers (e.g. Bandit, Maliwan etc.)
  • Factions (e.g. Hyperion, Crimson Raiders etc.)

The next update will come soon.

I'm going to punch your face... in the face. (talk) 17:56, November 15, 2013 (UTC)

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Guys, this is a fanon wiki, we should write about our own weaponry componies instead of making up stuff for the canon ones. I dont know why this wiki has a page on the Crimson Lance. Anyway, I have an idea for a compony, Zomtech (their origially from my own wiki though they would work well here), their a compony dedicated to making weapons to fight zomies.

The reason why I think we should have canon stuff on here i if we want to quickly reference a canon subject in, let's say, a fanfiction or roleplay.


Well, thats why we have a canon wiki. This is a place for fanon, having that page is a complete contradiction to the entire point of this wiki.

Its actually not that bad an idea. There could be a small heading for some things cannon with a "history" (or something) that turns the page fanon... It would be different. Just think about what a Bandit manufacturer page would look like. Its not a bad thing. It just needs done right to work.


Wait, so now users can add their own history to canon pages? Thats just ncf.


Fanon wikis do not have canon on them, I come from the 40k Fanon (a pretty decent sized fanon on one of the most popular sci fi franchises of all time), it has no canon pages on it. And every other fanon wiki I have gone on doesent either, instead this wiki should work out a partership of some kind with the canon wiki.

The only appropriate google search on "ncf" is against wikia terms of use. Look, its just an idea. No need to get so defensive/offensive. Thinking outside the box is growth. Discussing those ideas is civil. Responding with ncf is childish. I hope as an admin that you do not start banning people I have directed to this wiki from the borderlands wiki.

To the point: The bandit page would be a brief description of the actual bandit material (as found in the official strategy guide) and expanded upon in a fanon fashion.

If you have an intellegent argument as to why this cannot work, I would like to hear it. Otherwise keep childish remarks to yourself.

Like I said, it would require thinking outside the box. I am not trying to hurt fanon by suggesting it.


1. Im not an admin

2. I wasnt trying to come off as childish or offensive, I am saying that it is non canon friendly (ncf) to change canon factions (unless its an AT of some kind).

3. Where the hell does it say that non canon friendly is against wikia's policy?

4. The only one getting offensive here is yourself, I was stating a factual point while you were skeptisizing me for my perfectly legitimate comment

non cannon friendly? LOL ok... I usually google shorthand I do not recognize. The search did not show up non-cannon friendly, it is used in the urban dictionary for something far more offensive. I apologize for the misinterpretation. I understand I am looking at a fanon wiki so I should be the one held responsible for what shorthand means.

Because you commented on the update on adminship, I did not connect that it was not you being promoted.

Simple misunderstanding. Sorry about that.

That does not invalidate the original proposal by BlazingLeopard to do cannon pages and my addition to what those pages could mean on a fanon wiki. It could be rather cool, if given a chance.

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