"What do we know about the incoming strike?" asked Helena Pierce. She was recently informed from a hired group of bandits, in exchange for a bottle of water, that Commander Kado of the Atlas Corporation was planning a strike on New Haven to return it to it's rightful owner. Fifteen years prior, Helena Pierce as a young Vault Hunter raided New Haven when it was called Terrants City. She was successful in her attack but, shortly after victory, an alpha skag managed to tear off her leg; hence, she has worn a robotic leg ever since. She named it in honor of Old Haven, where her grandmother Commander Quinn of the Dahl Corporation settled and, later, lost her life in Old Haven to Lance Defenders because they were told she had a piece of The Vault key. It was false, and they took over Old Haven ever since. Of course.. that was 15 years ago. After the winter ended and most of the wildlife came out of hibernation, many of New and Old Haven's inhabitants left or were eaten or killed. Helena Pierce survived, and took over as mayor of New Haven.

Commander Kado was planning an aerial and strike attack against New Haven from all directions, and intended to take back New Haven in honor of Steele, who was born there over 35 years ago. She was abused and almost killed as a child, and that ruined her life ever since. After her death from The Destroyer, Kado and his team were sentenced to death by gunshot unless they could redeem themselves to the Atlas Corporation. He vowed them, "I shall return New Hav- Terrants City, to those who started the town; if not, may I be shown no mercy by the power of the gun to the weakness of the head". Helena also learned that he intended to strike quick - in 72 hours. She had to hurry, or face death and the lost of New Haven.