"DEADMEN! ALL OF YOU! FUCKING ALL OF YOU!"- Bill as he "opens a can of whoop-ass" on some Crimson Raiders

The harsh world of Pandora has forged many deadly warriors, from bloodthirsty bandits to heroic Vault Hunters. But Bill is no warrior, no hero, no treasure hunter. Bill is a killer, plain and simple, he dosen't fight for ideas, he dosen't fight for loot. He fights to watch other men die, in the most bloody and gory way as possible. 

Bill is a Nomad, one of the many sheild weilding, midget hating, baby eating, bandits that roam Pandora. But unlike his fellow Nomads, Bill is also a Vault Hunter. Though the goal is not so much to get to the Vault as it is to murder every other shlub out for the Vault and take their gear for resale at the nearest gun dispenser. Bill was content to live this way for the rest of his days... until the one thing he loved more than sheding blood was murdered by a certain group of Vault Hunters... under the command of the Crimson Raiders.

Now Bill, his sheild, and his arsenal of Bandit weaponary, is running in a four man team on Hyperions payroll. He will stop at nothing to avenge his only love, his little brother... Badmaw.



"My mama was a psycho and my daddy was a bruiser... now if that sounds like a pedigree you wanna fuck with, then I suggest that you keep staring at me like you are now, you pencil-necked sonofabitch!"- Bill makes some friends on his way to the Hyperion Lunar Base.


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