The rebellion was a failure. Now in this (fictional) Borderlands 2 DLC a new one of Claptrap's plan will happen


After finding a mysterios distress beacon, the player heads towards the old Tatarus Station, only to be captured by a reprogrammed WAR-D3N. After arriving in an underground base an old friend appears. The not-so destroyed Interplanetary Robot Assassian Claptrap, now nicknamed Clapmaster, tells the player about his new plan to destroy the planet using a Giant EXP Loader. Suddenly an Artic Bullymog appears and eats the WAR-D3N, freeing the player. Clapmaster runs off, while the player kills the Bullymog. After fighting his way through the base, the player stops Clapmaster by reprogramming the EXP Loader to tunnel underground. An ending cutscene reveals Bandits searching the undergrund wreckage, while the camera pans off to reveal Clapmaster coming back on, followed by manical Claptrap laughter.


  • New enemies: Reprogrammed Hyperion bots, Claptroopers(Claptraps with camo and guns), and Marcus-Trap(who when killed becomes regular Marcus).
  • A new manufacturer: The Second Robolution
  • New weapons(made by the new manufacturer): The Clapitizer(turns people into Claptraps who fight with you until they die), The Claprocket Launcher(shoots out mini Claptraps that are on fire), and Clapmaster's Rifle(a laser rifle with 1,222 damage)


  • All enemies mentoined in Plot are from Borderlands 2, with the exception of Clapmaster and the Giant EXP Loader.
  • This is the first of 5 Fanon Borderlands 2 DLCs made by Purple dempsey 222.