Hyperion was originally a weapon manufacturing company specializing in increased accuracy. One of thier main products, a Clap-trap unit became evil after getting electrocuted by the Angel Satellite, but was taken down by the vault hunters. After the events of Borderlands, Handsome Jack became president of Hyperion. Like Atlas, Hyperion wanted to civilize the Borderlands. They tried to accomplish this by awakening the warrior, but this plan ultimently failed. The company then receeded trying to conquer the planet.

Hyperion StaffEdit

President / Vice President

Handsome Jack - President of Hyperion that was killed by the vault hunters.
Mr. Blake - The Vice presidebt of Hyperion. Blake, with the assistance of the Vault Hunters, defeated the Interplanetary Ninja Assasin Clap-Trap.


Hyperion Sniper - Hyperion snipers use sniper rifles and can use thier shield to turn invisible.
Hyperion Infiltrator - Infiltrators are hyperion soldiers capable in the field that can also can throw down a turret.
Hyperion Hawk - Hyperion Hawks are basically Infiltrators, instead of using guns, they use rocket launchers.


Loader - Most common form of infanty, varying in combat style from robot to robot.
Cunstructor - Large robots capable of creating earthquakes and firing morters.
Surveyor - Small jet-like robots capable of healing all robotic hyperion personel


Engineer - Engineers are all Hyperion personel ordered to build, and are mainly found in the incomplete city of Oppritunity.
Combat Engineer - Combat Engineers are Engineers that are more fitted for combat against intruders.
Foreman Jasper - Engineer leader in charge of the Hyperion slaughter dome project.