Hello, for those of you who discover these scattered chapters i strongly emphasize caution. The fragments that i have decided to log away contain clues and rare occurences pertaining to the legendairy vault and if these clues were to fall into the wrong hands the results could prove themselves to be catastrophic. For the record i am the one they called Lilith. Being that childhood and upbringing are utterly unimportant i shall simply overlook the concept itself unless deemed necessariy to present. There is however one occurence a while back i wish to disect and explain. A few years ago,(three to be exact) , I seemingly stumbled across what most would like to call, "A golden oppertunity". For ten years now i have thrived as a mercenary. Some years were obviously better then others but before i begin to rant i shall return to the premisis of the reason i am telling you this. During the course of a previous assignment , if you will, i seemingly found myself trapped beneath the earthen confinements of an eridian tomb. The reason for me being there is strictly calssified but i will tell you that there i was betrayed by an old friend and left to die inside of a cavern that had caved in from an explosion that had breached the alien mad supports. I waited in the grim underdwellings sleeping amongst the corpses of eridian gaurdians never thinking that i would possibly escape however it would seem that fate had chosen a lengthier existence for me and so i rationes off what little food i had and began to search the cave. Six days after my forced burial i encountered a strange glowing chest with a silver symbol that i had witnessed a hundred times in previous ocassions. This was not a symbol anywhere near those of jacobs or the atlas corporation. It was much more simplified. a cirlce encompassingan upside down V.

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