-Transmission Open- ...Errr, my names Skip, and ... -Transmission End-

-Transmission Open- ...Errr, Day 1 on Pandora. we arrived what ..3 hours ago at the peak of Pandora Pinnacle at 2300 hours, there where 13 of us, 11 scientists and my friend Battren and I, but... during the night, a whole pack a skags infiltrated our camp, took the lives of all 11 scientists, and Battren.. I cowered under a sheet while they were ravaged alive by the pack of filthy dogs, my sheet grew red, by the blood of my friends and colleuges, after that 20 minute experience, i realised that nobody could last a day alone, on this god-forsaken wasteland.

I tooked the guns, cash, medicine, food, and any other supplies i would need and i made camp down hill, where it wasnt as cold, as sickening. I never was one for science, but with them gone, i do miss the lectures they ramble on about to me that i dont give a crap about, its alot better than sitting on your own wanting to take the revolver sitting next to you, and blow your damn mind off the mountain.. but as i lowered 30 feet down the mountain, the noise of constant chatter and the smell of raw spiderant meat, bought me to an unexpected halt, the air was deep in fog i didnt know wether it was a bandit camp or a town of resistant fighters, i could only get a closer look now or wait till the fog cleared, right now it still hasnt. It was a bandit camp, one i had recognised from the mission briefing. We were above a town miles below named Fyrestone, the history of Fyrestoen was incredibly disturbing yet interesting, a man named Marcus lived there, owned a shop, he was a big fan of money, which is probley what made him so interested about the vault. Once the vault was opened by the four vault hunters, only to realise that he had missed the opportunity to discover what was in the vault. Since he was such an enthusiast and wannabe explorer, he took the fact that nobody can open the vault for another 200 years, hard, this drove him to the point where he went mad, he dug a hole in Fyrestone, decided to dig and dig all the way to the vault, he presumed that the thing that came out of the vault when it was opened was to actually protect the real location of the 'treasure' of the vault, he believed the treasure was buried underneath the site where the vault supposibly was. So he made a tunnel, didnt get far, took him 3 whole days to get the tunnel as far as skag gully before he died of exhaustion. This is why i signed up for the mission; im here to continue Marcus' job and find the truth behind the vault... -Transmission End-