Pandora - Crimson Fastness Day 1 Today was great. Everyone was nice to me helping me with my training, showing me around Crimson Fastness, and I can't wait to get into the action. I met with my boss, Commandant Steele and she took her clothes off for me. I've grown to like the members in my squad and I began to train in my specialty weapons the shotgun and combat rifle. I don't know what awaits ahead in the future, but I'm sure it'll be great.

- Roland

Pandora - Crimson Fastness Day 31 The battlefield's been rough. I saw many of my friends die, but I still shot the enemy raiders until my hands stung so much that I dropped my combat rifle. My squad leader McCloud issued us new weapons, armor, and he wanted me to train the new recruits. Commandant Steele considers me as her right-hand man even though I haven't been here for so long.Things are still okay and whoever messes with the Crimson Lance is messing with me and they're going to end up with fifty bullets in their head.Though I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

- Roland

Pandora - Rust Commons West Day 59 "This is a battlefield close video ECHO and I am Sgt.Roland of the Crimson Lance. I am shooting bandits as you can see and we need help.(bandit's head explodes from Roland's precise shots) This is urgent my temporary squad is MIA.(combat rifle runs out of ammo) Shit! (pulls out pistol, kills more bandits, and a bruiser appears) If you are listening to this broadcast it to Station 219. <ECHO is damaged and the message stops>

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