My name is Roger Pierce. I'm 21 years old, currently serving in the Crimson Lance unit stationed on Pandora. My brother Thomas is in the Lance, in my regiment even, and my cousin Helena is here on Pandora... somewhere... I think she runs some colony called Heaven or Haven or something like that. Joining the Lance was a crowning achievement in my life, and being promoted to Captain at such a young age is... unthinkable, to say the least. Anyway, enough about me and my family.

Seemed like it was gonna be just another day at the office. Get bossed around by that bitch Steele (I said nothing about her, by the way), kill some skag, keep an eye on Dahl's claims to ensure they don't encroach on Atlas's claims, and kill any escaped convicts. However, we found something. Ruins, and lots of them. The ruins themselves were uninteresting, as there were literally millions of ruins here on Pandora, but these ruins were literally swarming with these... things. They were purple-ish blue, and most of 'em had swords of some sort. They glided around on the ground with amazing speed, and tended to kill any poor infantryman unfortunate enough to get in one's way. Of course, they dispatched my squad, the 101st Shock Division.

"Stay sharp. Watch for ghosts, and shoot anything that glows purple and moves." I checked my shield charge, my ammo count, and my team's corresponding indicators. I keyed the COMM and reported in. "All systems green. We clear, ma'am?" There was a moment's pause, before that familiar Eastern European accent burst through the thin static. "Green light." I waved my men forward, deeper into the cavernous ruin.

An uneventful ten minutes passed before we reached a large room with some pretty big statues, at least three times as tall as myself (and considering I'm nearly seven feet in height, that's impressive). There were boxes and containers with odd markings, and suddenly there was a static-y buzz. "We got company!" A firefight ensued between us and the ghosts. "Critical biatch!" Roland, our over-eager engineer, shouted as he burst the gleaming skull of a ghost that was a little too close for comfort. "Hey, tone it down a little!" I snapped at him.

The fight was not unrewarded, however. Inside one of the boxes was a large, organic-looking... thing. It's impossible to describe any other way. Regardless, it shot energy blasts, and that was enough for me. -Message end-