Ronin TechEdit

You can kill what you can’t see- Ronin Tech’s motto, reflecting their specialisation in covert and stealth weaponry

Ronin Tech is one of the many weapon manufacturers vying for power and wealth on the world of Pandora, Ronin is known for efficiency in making weapons that excel in covert operations and guerrilla warfare where discretion and surprise is needed. Almost all Ronin guns are silenced, sport high rates of fire, recoil reduction and pinpoint accuracy but seem to be somewhat lacking in sheer stopping power and magazine size. Ronin is also famous for their invention of Cryo weaponry, a powerful elemental effect capable of slowing down or even snap freezing your target when shot, the Visual Displacement device and the Elemental Absorption shield are among their other successful weaponry ventures. Ronin tech also sells a whole range of android mechs, vehicles and body armour.


The Military arm of Ronin tech; the Blood Suns are an effective and highly mobile force containing regiments of infantry, vehicles and air craft. The Blood Suns army ranges in the thousands with soldiers all over Pandora on garrison missions or being used to take another province under their control, the soldiers of the Blood Suns use Ronin tech weaponry exclusively as both their soldiers and tactics use the methods of war suited most for Ronin guns with stealth, ambushes and sniping being their forte.

The Blood Suns vehicle force contains war machines such as the MX12 Dawn Hammer Tank for heavy assaults, the ZC13 Walker for infantry support and many more suited for a whole range of combat manoeuvres and missions. The Blood Suns air force is also on call for ground support, airstrikes and dropping in troopers and vehicles, the Blood Suns vehicles, like Ronin’s weapons are swift, deadly and effective.