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The inumerable stars sorounding Pandoras swollen atmosphere rallied to life as the the vestige of an orbitting orange giant was seemingly swollowed into the barren mass of the planet. Wordlessly the glittering expanse beckoned for it was not often the rare spheres of gas and fire could be witnessed by the dry and aging eyes of those who dewelled beneath them. This place had no doubt become a wasteland deprived of its brittle slumber. Thankful for a moment , Roland removed the sand whipped goggles practically plastered to his face and stared upward aknowledging the fact that life existed elsewhere and it was elswhere that this life he envisioned, thrived. Throughout the years as a lancer the weathered soldier had wished for a more lively encampment or station, one where the ground grew green and the canyons and rivers flowed with an overabundance of clear blue. But his oppertunities where always overlooked and discarded. As a recruit it was rare that hed see anything more then the properties of a steel fortress or the crimson glow of sweaty trench scattered into the dessert. Even now as a renegade he Roland always seemed to be placed in the outskirts of some wretched land plagued with the wreaking carcasses of skag and festering with the gleaming speckled hides of bloodthirsty spiderants. This place was nothing like he had envisioned or read about in the story books. These cracked and scarred surfaces were no more then a brimming war zone , a disfigured tomb rank with the taste of blood and the smell of flesh and sand. A place he feared no mortal man would ever escape.