Mordecai shielded his eyes as he awoke from his deep slumber. He wasn't used to the glistening sun mocking him with its bright rays. A barren landscape ambushed him as he gave in to the light. He walked outside his tent with his armor and shield equipped watching for any hostiles. He crept over to his private armory as Lilith, Roland, and Brick prepared for the journey to the vault. He grabbed his favored guns, the Maliwan Volcano sniper rifle and a customized revolver he made himself called God's Disciple. Mordecai walked away from the camp, but Roland stopped him.

"Where are you going?" He asked Mordecai in a demanding voice.

"I'm going to find a man named Yujinny and I don't give a damn to whatever you'll say." Dust exploded as Mordecai treaded away from the camp and he was devoted to find Yujinny and nothing was going to stop him.

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