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  • BlazingLeopard

    BFW Adoption

    November 15, 2013 by BlazingLeopard

    The Borderlands Fanon Wiki is a wiki that has not had it's founder contributing to it since February 2011 (excluding the one conversation we had about me getting Adminship). There are people on the wiki that are willing to edit it and there is one in particular that I wish to also award Adminship to. However, I cannot do this and as the founder no longer edits the wiki, he cannot promote me to bureaucrat so that I can award this user with Adminship as of now.

    Therefore, I wish to adopt the wiki and I have already made an adoption request stating this. I want to be able to make people admins so that they can help new users edit the wiki and also manage these users if things get out of hand.

    Please comment if you think this is a particularly g…

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  • BlazingLeopard

    For a start, I have begun with the boring bits, making the policies. Seriously, it's just overly boring. I was working on them for around ten minutes then I went to go play BL2. Anyway, those will be completed at a later date. For now, I've decided to make a fan character. I know what you're thinking,"What the hell happened to reviving the wiki?". I'm going to deal with it slowly for now and gradually build it up. If you think about though, it's one way of reviving the wiki.


    Goodbye mah friends...

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  • BlazingLeopard

    OPERATION: Revive

    September 26, 2013 by BlazingLeopard

    People need to help out with this wiki...

    This is a message to every "active" member on the wiki: Get your friends here, get your friend's friends here or even you enemies here, just anyone who is willing to revive a wiki with such a big potential. I will also note that anyone who has made particularly good progress and is nice enough to both me and the wikia community, I will award them with a moderator role. This will take several months and it will be hard, but if people help out and revitilise the wiki, it will be BAD! ASS! XD

    Anyway, I will have some rules and criteria for various wiki roles posted soon.

    Goodbye mah friends.

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