This is a collection of history of the world of Pandora and the ECHOs of the discovery of the legendary Vault over 200 years ago. This is classified material under Crimson Lance Mercenaries Corp. ownership. Use under correct grant or else listening to this is a violation of Code 7765-42A.

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ECHO 1:Day 32 Pandora

This is my first test using my new invention, the ECHO network to record our adventure here in the new frontier. We are so very far away from home, in a new colony called Haven. The colony is a booming city, lively and loud. In fact it is rather hard to work here in our archaeological headquarters. In short, we are treasure hunters. I, Celvex Hyperion, am here with fellow treasure hunters, Magrin Steele, Hudson Pierce, and my wonderful robot creation C14P-TP, we call him Claptrap for short.

-Celvix Hyperion