ECHO 3: Day 36 Pandora

Hmmm... Is this on, Celvix?

Yeah, looks like it (faint).

Today, when we were heading to the settlement of Fyrestone to meet a contact who can explain what the ruins are made of, we spotted the Jakobs mining company B leaving the settlement as we arrived. Apparently they are leaving Pandora tomorrow. This is not the first time that a mining company has left, but Jakobs is easily one of the largest mining corporations on Pandora and none of their "companies have left", until now. It's quite surprising to me as I found out that Pandora's resources are "DISAPEERING" as Jakobs said. According to them Pandora's resources are becoming no longer useful. Maybe Pandora really is just a desert of nothing and we'll never find what we are looking for.

-Hudson Pierce