BORDERLANDS This is a collection of history of the world of Pandora and the ECHOs of the discovery of the legendary Vault over 200 years ago. This is classified material under Crimson Lance Mercenaries Corp. ownership. Use under correct grant or else listening to this is a violation of Code 7765-42A.

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ECHO 4: Day 46 Last week, our contact in Fyrestone told us that the ruins were created by the alien race known as the Eridians, who are native to Pandora. These Eridians were pushed to the ends of this world by us humans taking their land. Soon, they may disapeer forever, but that's not our biggest problem right now. Our REAL problem is the sign Jakobs gave us last week. Pulling out Mining Co. B from Headstone Mine is a sign that Pandora may really be a hunk of rock on the Borderlands of the galaxy. This also points in the direction that other industrial corporations may start pulling out including Dahl, which is where most of our contacts from. No jobs equals bad economy. Bad economy equals the desire to leave Pandora for dead. I will return to this matter on a later date, now I must focus on our main objective-finding the Eridian's most valuable and important archaeological remnants.

-Celvix Hyperion